New Business Site Launched!

What began with a desire to refresh my daughter’s school’s website has become a new and exciting problem to solve.

Awesome! Dad hacks Donkey Kong for his daughter. | YouTube

via So a dad loves to play video games with his three year old. They fire up a game of Donkey Kong. She want’s Pauline to save Mario. What’s a dad to do? What else, hack Donkey Kong! Check out the video here or on YouTube. On YouTube y…

Flying Toasters return to save your screen! | infinisys

via For those of you old enough to remember when a screen saver was a necessity, here’s a throwback for you… Flying Toasters are once again ready to take over your computer’s display! Yes, the folks at inifinisys have brought …

Hallmark E-Cards. Flash only in a mobile world. Really?

Recently, worked called me in early one morning. As it usually is early on, it was slow and I got to thinking of how things were going at home and realized I never really got to tell her I loved her as she was asleep when I left. So I took a minut…

Tracking for good.

The positive side of being tracked. To know that you can be informed that you’ve possibly purchased something that could kill you.