Breaking the Ice(man)

Just read a great piece by Sam Smith writing for Wired about his trip to Maranello to test the new F12berlinetta.  For all the F1 fans out there, I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

One man’s desire to recreate a pastime

This wonderful little film centers on a man who upon losing his job decided to start creating an experience he was passionate about. It seems what he created led him on a journey that had Audi Canada ring him to request a one off installation for a campaign they were running. The man is David…

You need to watch this ViewCam 360 vid of a Red Bull F1 car

via This is sick! On many levels, this video is simply amazing. The tech in the making of the video is as awesome as the tech that went into the making of the vehicle being driven. Not certain who’s driving or the track, but one thing…

2011 Long Beach Grand Prix | Flickr

via Just posted my photos from the 2011 Long Beach Grand Prix. Most of the images were taken from my seat in the grand stands but there are a few in there from the paddock. Next year I may spring for the Super Photo Pass or figure out a…

LA Auto Show

The lead in Porsche’s booth… their first car sold on the US.

Fiesta Rally Car Reveal at Pike’s Peak

AWESOMELY INSANE!! 800 HP in a Fiesta! Now, I’m not a Ford guy at all, but damn this thing looks intense. If only SpeedTV or Versus could pony up the cash to get World Rally in front of American audiences, this might be able to help Ford sell some cars.

Lutz is a Putz

Bob Lutz knows cars? “My Ass!” I say. Why the fuck is this car not available in America? If Bob Lutz is really a car guy like the trades say he is, then a version of this car, with Pontiac badges, should be on dealer showrooms as soon as enough capacity is built. By no…