Why are we parenting as if our kids are in constant danger?

My argument is with the advent of a 24 hour news cycle, people who’ve grown up on it have become paranoid.

I can only imagine how people would feel knowing that my mom would tell us to go outside and play just so the living room could stay clean for an hour.

It was nothing to grab our bikes and roll a quarter mile away to Di-Carlo Bakery to buy out-of-date Hostess products like Zingers, Sno-balls, and Twinkies. 

 This crap that your kid will be abducted is crazy. Let’s be mindful that the majority of abductions center on a parent in a custody dispute.

Sure your kid might end up laid out on the street at the end of a row of kids laying side by side like a human measuring stick so another can “bunny hop” the lot of them with his bike. Shits gonna happen. But they’ll be a lot better for it. 

Heck, imagine the stories at the table when you learn about what your kids did outside as opposed to how they mined a new roller coaster in a virtual world.

You might find that our kids will loose weight from walking, become stronger decision makers having to negotiate a traffic light,
and all around be more tired at bedtime from all the energy expended by outdoor play.

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