New Private Sharing: Share with Only the People You Choose

Just learned that SmugMug offers private sharing which allows you to share your photos with only with those you want. If someone shares the link, those attempts to visit won’t work. This is something I’ve been wanting for my images for quite some time and now a very compelling reason to consider SmugMug for online storage of all my photos.

SmugMug News

Today we deliver a better, more secure way for you to share your photos with only the people you want. Since privacy has always been such an important part of the SmugMug philosophy, we felt that our next update should help you feel better knowing exactly who gets to see your photos.

Private Sharing allows you, the account owner, to share galleries securely with people you trust… and only them. It’s a new level of privacy that secures your gallery so its viewed only by a specific set of people that you choose. Nobody else can see it, even if they try the link. The people you’ve selected also get a new, easy way to see the photos you’ve shared with them.

Private Sharing is perfect for sharing the lives of your growing kids, for high-profile celebrity portrait artists or for anyone who wants to stay in control of their…

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