Upgrading to macOS Sierra

Looking to get up to speed on Apple’s latest iteration of their desktop operating system, macOS Sierra, has me installing the Golden Master on my MacBook Pro. With Siri integration, updates to all of the key applications like Photos, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, this instance of the OS looks to be a nice upgrade. I’ll…

Dear Apple

Dear Apple, Why, with all the updates to iOS and iCloud are we not able to attach anything more than photos or videos to a Mail message? Really?

Why are we parenting as if our kids are in constant danger?

My argument is with the advent of a 24 hour news cycle, people who’ve grown up on it have become paranoid.   I can only imagine how people would feel knowing that my mom would tell us to go outside and play just so the living room could stay clean for an hour. It was…

Breaking the Ice(man)

Just read a great piece by Sam Smith writing for Wired about his trip to Maranello to test the new F12berlinetta.  For all the F1 fans out there, I think you’ll get a kick out of it.  http://wrd.cm/1D7cFED

New Private Sharing: Share with Only the People You Choose

Originally posted on SmugMug News:
Today we deliver a better, more secure way for you to share your photos with only the people you want. Since privacy has always been such an important part of the SmugMug philosophy, we felt that our next update should help you feel better knowing exactly who gets to see…

AppleTV? Yes please. A TV from Apple? No thank you.

For some time now, rumors have ebbed and flowed around the idea of Apple building a television set. While many praise the idea, I downright detest it. The core as to why I’m against an Apple manufactured TV has all to do with it just doesn’t fit their business model. As well, building a television set is…

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 … just like OS X

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…. No. Not anything like Apple. Read the fine print… “For the first year”. After it’s release you will have to buy it. Sorry, but that’s nothing like Apple’s approach were even after year one, OS X is still free.

Crazy new tech lets police officers peer through the walls of your home undetected

Originally posted on BGR:
There has been plenty of negative press surrounding law enforcement in the United States over the last year, but it doesn’t look like 2015 is going to be any less controversial. USA Today reports that at least 50 law enforcement agencies have secretly purchased advanced radars for their officers which could potentially…

One man’s desire to recreate a pastime

This wonderful little film centers on a man who upon losing his job decided to start creating an experience he was passionate about. It seems what he created led him on a journey that had Audi Canada ring him to request a one off installation for a campaign they were running. The man is David…